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1.Acupuncture Needle & Press Needle & Acupoint Catgut Embedding Therapy Product & Needle Destroyer
2.Injection Needle & Blood Lancet Device & Infusion Set
3.Magnetic Acupoint Press Bar & Acupoint Detector
4.Medium Frequency Stimulator & Electrol Acupunture Machine & Ultrasound Therapy Unit & Self Adhesive Electrode
5.Infrared Lamp & Far Infrared Therapeutic Apparatus & Photo Therapy Unit & Biostimulator
6.Stethoscope & Pen Light & Neurological Reflex Hammer & Pupil Ruler & Nasal Speculum & Sugical Dignostic Tool & Otoscope
7.Oxygen Generator & Suction Unit & Nasal Suction Machine & Oxygen Tent
8.Medical Steamer & Steam Inhaler & Health Steamer
9.Other Medical Related Products
1.Orthopedic Supports and Braces & Medical Compression Stockings & Silicone Insole Pad
2.Cervical Spine and Lumbar Spine Traction Units & Vertebra Rectifying Traction Unit & Alternating Pressure Matress
3.Blood Pressure Monitor & Blood Glocose and Uric Acid Monitor & Body Fat Scale & Pulse Oximeter & Thermometor & Calori Scaner
4.Ultrasonic Nebulizer & Health Care Steamer
5.Wheelchare & Shower Chair & Commode Chair & Adjustrable Walker & Leg Stand
6.Body Hair Inspector & Meridian Energy Analyser
7.Medical Scale & Eye Examination Chart & Centrifuge
8.Vibrating Massager & Slide Board & Upside Down Hanging Machiine
9.Memory Pillow & Moist Heat Steam Pad & Far Infrared Electrical Blanket & Auto Sensor Hand Steritiser & Memory Foam Seat Cusion
10.Other Products
1.Home Care Bed & Hospital Ward Bed & Shower Bed and Chair
2.Overbed Table and Cabinet & Accompany Chair
3.Infant Bed & Infant Incubator & Dignostic Bed & Electronic Bed
4.First Aid Bed & First Aid Stretcher& Infant First Aid Cabinet
5.Disposable Fire Extinguisher &First Aid Equipment & AED & Baby Escape Suit
6.Hospital Cabinet & Dressing Trolley & Preparation Cart & Cleaning Cart
7.UV Sterilizer & Autoclave Sterilizer & Medical Autoclave Machine‧Medical Refrigerator
8.Forcepts & Cotton Tube & Tourniquet & Space Brand Blanket & Surgical Scissors
9.Saline Stand & Privacy Screen & Injection Chair
10.X Film Viewer & Instrument Stand and Table & Rotatable Chair & Leg Stand
11.Other Stainless Steel Products
1.Filter Bag & Ziplock Bag
2.Medical Face Mask & Glove& Oxygen Mask & Surgucal Cap & Medical Gown‧Protective Clothing
3.Adhesive Tape & Non Woven Cloth &Transparent Dressing
4.Cotton Stick and Ball & Tongue Depressor & Alcohol Swab
5.Cold and Hot Pack & Moist Hot and Cold Pad &˙Cooling Pillow & Cold Spray
6.Finger Splint & Water Guard Protective
1.Cupping Product & Electrical Cupping Machine & Cupping with Magnetic Needle
2.Scrappiing Tool & Energy Stone & Jade & Crystal
3.Moxa Roll & Moxa Burner & Ear Candle
4.Acupunture Bed & Massage Bed and Chair & Portable Massage Bed & Tattoo Chair
5.Foot Massage Sofa & Foot Spa Bucket & Foot Massage Cream & Foot and Body Soaking Powder
6.Disposable & Hygienic Products
7.Massage Oil & Skin Care Cream & Herbal Ointment
8.Supportive Pillow & U / ㄇ Shape Pillow & Hand Rest & Yoga Bolster Pillow
1.Beauty Equipment & Body Slim Machine
2.Medical Cosmetic Machine
3.Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser
4.Portable Bed & Swivel Stool & Hydrulic Bed & Working Cart
5.Beautician Apparel & Bed Cover & Hand and Body Towel
6.UV Light Towel Sterilizer & Towel Sanitizer
7.Hair Removal Wax Machine & Nail Dryer & Manicular and Pedicular Table and Chair
8.Spa Products & Massage Stone & Sauna Steam Room & Far Infrared Energy Room
9.Massage Oil & Massage Cream & Body Gel & Bath and Foot Soaking Powder & Comfort Patch
10.Disposable Slipper & Disposable Bed Sheet & Disposable Face Sheet & Disposable Underwear & Disposable Cap & Non Woven Fiber Towel
1.Herbal Medicine Cooker & Steamer & Grinder
2.Herbal Processors & Auto Powder and Tablets Packing System
3.Mortar Bowl & Herb Grinder Stomper & Capsule Filling Device
4.Herb Dryer & Incubator
5.Conditioning machine
6.Other Herb Processors
1.Human and Animal Acupunture Model & Ear Model & Massage Model
2.Massage Model
3.Human Skeleton Model & Torso Model
4.Anatomy Model & Medical Training Model
5.3B Medical Training Models
6.Medical Wall Chart & Human Wall Chart
7.Chinese Medicine Book & Health Care Book
1.Medical Botle & Medicine Container & Powder and Pill Container
2.Roll On Bottle & Massage Oil Bottle & Glass Dropper Bottle
3.Chemical Bottle & Wide / Narrow Mouth Jar & Easy Open Jar & Spray Bottle & Plastic Dropper Bottle
4.Cosmetic Bottle & Cream and Ointment Bottle & Cosmetic Jar
5.Dropper & Measuring Cup & Sample Container& Glass Beaker & Petri Dish & Glass Test Tube
1.Digital Heat Press Transfer Machine & Heat Sealing Machine
2.Meridian Ebb Flowing Rule Plate & The Five Phases Cup
3.Packing Bag & Ziplock Bag
4.Alcohol Lamp / Burner & Hand Sanitiser & Disinfection Liquid & 75% Ethanol Solution
OMRON Blood Pressure Monitor (JPN1)
OMRON Blood Pressure Monitor (1000)
OMRON Blood Pressure Monitor (9020)
OMRON Blood Pressure Monitor (7200)
OMRON Blood Pressure Monitor (7230)
OMRON Blood Pressure Monitor (7210)
TERUMO Blood Pressure Monitor (ESP2000)
OMRON Body Fat Scale (HBF212)
OMRON Body Fat Scale (HBF214)
Blood Pressure Ball (CMS-P118)
CMS Double Sided Stethoscope
CMS Single Sided Stethoscope
BESMED Pedometer with Calori Counter (MT-060)
TANITA Pedometer
CMS Infrared Forehead Thermometer
TERUMO Thermometer Cap
CMS Digital Pen Type Thermometer
CMS Infrared Ear/Forehead Thermometer
TERUMO Infrared Ear Thermometor
BRAUN Thermoscan 5 Infrared Ear Thermometer
TERUMO Infrared Ear Thermometer (N30CP)
OKMETER Blood Glucose Strips
OKMETER Blood Glucose Monitor
99 EASY TEST Blood Suger Monitor
MULTISURE Blood Glucose & Uric Acid Monitor
CMS Blood Pressure Ball (CMS-P115)
SPIRIT LCD Monitotr Desktop Sphygmomanometer (CMS-E401D)
SPIRIT LCD Monitotr Desktop Sphygmomanometer (CMS-E401)
SPIRIT Portable Clock Aneroid Sphygmomanometer (CMS113P)
SPIRIT Desktop Mercury Sphygmomanometer (CMS105)
SPIRIT Desktop Mercury Sphygmomanometer (CMS301)
SPIRIT Desktop Clock Aneroid Sphygmomanometer (CMS133)
SPIRIT Mobile Mercury Sphygmomanometer (CMS402C)
SPIRIT Mobile Mercury Sphygmomanometer (CMS402)
SPIRIT LCD Monitor Desktop Sphygmomanometer (CMS-E301)
SPIRIT Desktop Mercury Sphygmomanometer (CMS101)
SPIRIT Mobile Sphygmomanometer (CMS132C)
CMS Desktop Sphygmomanometer (CMS101C)
CMS Tradional Desktop Mercury Sphygmomanometer
ROSSMAX Pulse Oximeter
ROSSMAX Pulse Oximeter (SB100)
OMRON Calori Counter (HJA306)
TANITA Body Fat Scale (TUM015)
TANITA Body Fat Scale (BF-049)
TANITA Body Fat Scale
OMRON Body Fat Scale (HBF370)
ROSSMAX Blood Pressure Monitor (MG150)
TERUMO Blood Pressure Monitor (ESP3000N)
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